The Anthropocene Institute Issues LENRaries Report

The Anthropocene Institute, a Silicon Valley incubator, has issued a comprehensive 79-page report entitled LENRaries. The report states there are “114 entities actively engaged in LENR R&D across four continents” and provides a description of the management and goals for many of these entities. The report also contains the results of survey questions asked to LENR Makers, R&D Organizations, Investment Funds, and Non-Profits.

“The Nikkei also forecast LENR applications to become a $100 Billion global market by 2025.”

Go here to signup for free access to the report or download LENRaries.

The Anthropocene Institute
Carl Page, President
Dr. Frank Hiroshi Ling, Clean Energy Analyst
Grant W. Draper, Consultant

Stanford Energy Club: Nuclear Energy Community Kickoff: LENR Panel

A meeting of the Stanford Energy Club’s Nuclear Energy Community was held on January 25, 2017 and the panel members included many LENR notables:

Carl Page and Frank Ling – Anthropocene Institute

Fran TanzellaStanford Research International

Alan Goldwater and Bob Greenyer – Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy makes an appearance, but unfortunately does not speak due to apparent time constraints.