The Anthropocene Institute Issues LENRaries Report

The Anthropocene Institute, a Silicon Valley incubator, has issued a comprehensive 79-page report entitled LENRaries. The report states there are “114 entities actively engaged in LENR R&D across four continents” and provides a description of the management and goals for many of these entities. The report also contains the results of survey questions asked to LENR Makers, R&D Organizations, Investment Funds, and Non-Profits.

“The Nikkei also forecast LENR applications to become a $100 Billion global market by 2025.”

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The Anthropocene Institute
Carl Page, President
Dr. Frank Hiroshi Ling, Clean Energy Analyst
Grant W. Draper, Consultant

Stanford Energy Club: Nuclear Energy Community Kickoff: LENR Panel

A meeting of the Stanford Energy Club’s Nuclear Energy Community was held on January 25, 2017 and the panel members included many LENR notables:

Carl Page and Frank Ling – Anthropocene Institute

Fran TanzellaStanford Research International

Alan Goldwater and Bob Greenyer – Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy makes an appearance, but unfortunately does not speak due to apparent time constraints.

How Close are We to Abundant Cheap Clean Energy from Low Energy, Lattice Enhanced, Nuclear Energy?

Carl Page, President and co-founder, Anthropocene Institute
Michael McKubre, SRI International
Robert Godes, President and Founder, Brillouin Energy Inc.

Projections – Outcomes in next 5 years

● Based on my observations of progress in the field, I’m expecting a device for home
heating to emerge in 2 years that outperforms a heat pump, economically. I expect
rapid growth of the industry because there will be few regulatory hurdles to
manufacturing them.
● I’m expecting a device replacing coal in a thermal power plant to be commercialized in
5 years. Deployment will be much faster than natural gas turbines have been because
it needs no gas supply.
● I’m expecting a consensus on a full theoretical understanding of LENR to be proven
soon after the government funded science institutions spend $100m wisely ($0.30
/American). Given the resistance, I can’t say when that will be.

Carl Page: LENR Works

Carl Page, brother of Larry Page (Google co-founder) and an entrepreneur in his own right, recently expounded his thoughts on LENR.

It is strange that LENR is neglected by the DOE, industry and the Pentagon. But no stranger than the history of nuclear power—if it weren’t for the leadership Admiral Rickover, and his personal friends in Congress, nuclear fission power for submarines and power plants would never have seen the light of day. The best endowed institutions rarely disrupt the status-quo.

Carl Page is on the board of Brillouin Energy, a California based firm working on LENR technology with SRI International.